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Le Cadeau de Noël EFFETI

Effeti vous fait profiter de son action de Noël.
Si votre cuisine comprend 5 appareils ménagers AEG, nous vous offrons ce robot.

AEG ROBOT en Cadeau

Offre limitée à 4 appareils dès le 16/12/2020 jusqu'à ce qu'il n'y en ait plus. Cette offre Effeti Lu n'est pas cumulable avec une autre offre.

Effeti's Collection

Wood, curves, volume and light. The collection Effeti meets art.

On the "piano", you are the artist.

A kitchen is not just about appearance.
Not all of its values are visible to the human eye from the outside. Our products attract because of the magical fascination that they emanate, their disarming beauty and their unchanging elegance over the course of time and events.
Effeti’s design research creates inspiring products that are not subject to the fashion whims of the moment. They favour functionality, the quality of materials and meticulous attention to all production phases that are all centralised within the company.

Our kitchens embody all the artisan experience handed down through our past and our history. They represent love for every detail, the desire to improve day by day and passion in developing and refining our creations from their conception to their new life in your homes.

The design of each kitchen is the fruit of the intelligent application of a vast array of Effeti components that are skilfully blended to satisfy completely your every need.

It all starts with an initial
concept, a primordial idea.
A line.
A line is a foundation,
a starting point.